How are biological changes of the human body going to evolve during the next few decades? And how is this going to impact the current and the next generations?

Announcing SuperHumans, the new edition of the Innovation for Tomorrow series of events of cutting-edge advancements in science and technology that are shaping the world of tomorrow.

Human bodies are starting to become augmented: besides implants, intelligent prostethics and A.I improved brains, health and nutrition are being radically improved thought the ecosystem: genetics is becoming better at battling almost all diseases and improving our ability to nourish from foods and the environment.

Nanotechnology and drugs start operating at cellular level and slow down biological decay. A few unicorn companies in the world already challenged themselves to reverse aging.

In the meantime, the Romanian society copes with major inequality challenges and struggles to cover basic needs to all its citizens. What are the implications in such a society?


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