Inequalities of the Future

Access to new treatments | Will the rich live longer? | Open-data Medicine

In the future, some people will live much longer than others. How can we bridge the gap of length and quality of life?

The future brings longer life spans, similar to what has happened in the past 100 years of human evolution. The age gap will become significant and access to new disease treatments, better living standards could become scarce. Or could it become easier thanks to self 3D printed medicines and free pods that decrease cell deprecation?

Imagine you are 80. It is 2060 and you are not approaching the end of your life. Through body enhancements, 3D printed organs and anti-ageing technology you know you can live up to 140. Or even more. What do you do with all that time? Do you enjoy retirement or stay active? Can you have a pension?


AI in Human Evolution

Identities in VR | Automated cycles of life | AI doctors

AI is becoming part of our life and will accompany us everywhere. Your AI doctor, AI teacher, AI stylist.

Whether it´s science, healthcare, education or government, information technology and the acceleration we see in AI will impact every sector and walk of life. Humanity itself will be changed by this super intelligence, and we are at the doorstep of that era.

Imagine, towards the end of your life (or not), you can spend 1 day in FIVR (Full Immersion Virtual Reality). A space identical to reality, where you feel, taste, hear just like in real life. You are whoever you want. Where you talk to people, fall in love and run on a beach in Brazil. How does your identity change? What if you want more than 1 day of this? What if you want this forever?

Future of Medicine 2

Implants, transplants and replacements | Nanotechnology and BioElectronics |Robotics in healthcare

Advancements in biotechnology and bio-electronics are expanding the limits of the human body.

More and more, the limits of the body and the mind are being understood as the same challenge in the same biological space. With the help and leadership of an emergent futurist generation of entrepreneurs, the idea of becoming a cyborg is no more seen as science fiction. Fighting ageing and curing diseases are becoming a question of when, not if. Vein crawling nano-robots could fight heart diseases. Personalized medicine could help us be more conscious of our own bodies and leave healthier.

Imagine a tumor starts developing in your brain. Cell based sensor pick that up, asses risks and command a team of nano robots to act in case your immune system does not kick in. Or your liver fails you. Or your entire body.

Future of Medicine 1

Biotechnology | Gene Editing & DNA writing | Pharmaceuticals | Ageing

In the next decades, enhanced humans will move from possibility to reality. Make way for the SuperHumans!

Imagine you will never be sick. You will live longer than anyone in your family and stay healthy until 150. You could choose to remove genetic diseases from your unborn children, or, in some parts of the world, clone yourself.