AI in Human Evolution

Identities in VR | Automated cycles of life | AI doctors

AI is becoming part of our life and will accompany us everywhere. Your AI doctor, AI teacher, AI stylist.

Whether it´s science, healthcare, education or government, information technology and the acceleration we see in AI will impact every sector and walk of life. Humanity itself will be changed by this super intelligence, and we are at the doorstep of that era.

Imagine, towards the end of your life (or not), you can spend 1 day in FIVR (Full Immersion Virtual Reality). A space identical to reality, where you feel, taste, hear just like in real life. You are whoever you want. Where you talk to people, fall in love and run on a beach in Brazil. How does your identity change? What if you want more than 1 day of this? What if you want this forever?