Future of Medicine 2

Implants, transplants and replacements | Nanotechnology and BioElectronics |Robotics in healthcare

Advancements in biotechnology and bio-electronics are expanding the limits of the human body.

More and more, the limits of the body and the mind are being understood as the same challenge in the same biological space. With the help and leadership of an emergent futurist generation of entrepreneurs, the idea of becoming a cyborg is no more seen as science fiction. Fighting ageing and curing diseases are becoming a question of when, not if. Vein crawling nano-robots could fight heart diseases. Personalized medicine could help us be more conscious of our own bodies and leave healthier.

Imagine a tumor starts developing in your brain. Cell based sensor pick that up, asses risks and command a team of nano robots to act in case your immune system does not kick in. Or your liver fails you. Or your entire body.